After receiving a Bachelor of Graphic Design at Academy of Art University, I decided to pursue a diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communications at Sheridan College. The goal is to expand my skill sets and recognize different ways to approach a task at hand.


I strive to consistently evolve and stay unique while maintaining an eye for innovation and pixel carefulness.
I aim to capture inspirational moments in my daily life and express those through my creatives.


All of my works so far has been through many iterations through different thinking processes. That being said, passion, curiosity, evolution, patience, and a little self-doubt are all key characteristics in my work ethics. By combining what I learned with my experiences, I aspire to bring the joy and success for an inspiring team and all the projects I involve myself in.


These are some of the main areas I work in


Logo Design
Brand identity
Website design
Video and animation

Environmental graphics
Integrated campaigns
Multi-platform advertising
Digital marketing
Social media strategy


I’m not great at everything, so I never stop learning. I am always open to exciting opportunities that allow me to see challenges. I believe that difficulties always encourages me to think stronger, work harder, yield better results.