Build Personal Brands with Digital Portfolios

» Author: Phuong Nguyen
» Published: March 16, 2019

A portfolio is nothing but a critical collection to showcase my personal brand and skillsets. This rich, convincing and adaptable collection must clearly show my intellectual and creative growth involving my critical reflective process along the way.


Portfolio refines and embellishes either my educational and professional experience not only by words but real products and projects I have done. To make it really “mine”, I should create my own personal portfolio using reliable tools to encompass my reflections, evidence of development and creativity. I believe that an outstanding portfolio gives me a competitive edge and demonstrates my abilities, skills and cumulated experience in a visual way. It would also build my professional impression and better preparation for interviews by showcasing my own accomplishments, achievements and skills.


Therefore, besides from resume, transcripts, certifications, evidence of specific skills and Volunteer work and letter of reference, a well prepared personal portfolio is a vigorous component to help students like me to land in a job.