How personal connections benefit Us

» Author: Phuong Nguyen
» Published: March 15, 2019

I have never thought that connection or networking is necessary, but this week I have learned that it is really important to land in a dream job. With a good connection, I am able to get to know more people in the industry who are knowledgeable and professional to advise me with career opportunities.


By extending my current contacts in the field, I should carefully research who they are and get to know their basic information prior to setting a meeting with them. I learn that having a clear and professional introduction about me and my objective is a must to attain a chance of a meeting. This is to ensure these professional people that I know what I am doing, and I do not waste their time meaninglessly.


To create a good impression, I should offer them three different time slots and let them choose which will suit their tight schedule. After securing a meeting, following up by email or LinkedIn will open up more opportunities to know the person better. I believe that this is a wonderful start of the networking process for me.