» Author: Phuong Nguyen
» Published: March 19, 2019

As we all know, first impressions are the key to moving forward in any aspect of life. In the quest of securing a job, the first impressions that my employers would have on me are through my cover letter that I include on my resume. As a result, a cover letter is essential and should never be overlooked. I knew it was important, but I did not know how to make it better.


Thanks to this week lecture, I know how to effectively introduce my resume and highlight my unique personality and professional style. It should never be too much info as well as too little. A cover letter with just enough relevant info and creatively memorable is good to gain employer’s interest. There is nothing such a one-size-fits-all, so I must tailor my cover letter accordingly every time I send my application. In this internet era, online application dominates the job search process.


Therefore, I must carefully review the job postings and do intensive research on the company before completing any application. There are many tools that employers use to sort out pre-qualified candidates, so using relevant keywords for skills, experience and level of employment as describing in the job posting is critical to ensure my application passes their pre-screening process.