» Author: Phuong Nguyen
» Published: March 21, 2019

I have heard about LinkedIn, but I have never used it before. However, now that I know LinkedIn is very popular with industry experts and professionals. There are many social media channels that I could expose myself through, but I think to professionally manage my online reputation and build a positive public figure, LinkedIn is a good platform to start. Besides creating my professional profile and an online resume, LinkedIn also assists me to choose contacts for currency, networking, communication as well as search and apply for jobs.


I have seen there are many available vacancies posted by industry recruiters or recruiting managers on LinkedIn which are not posted on other job boards. I strongly believe that this powerful tool could help me to get in touch and expose to a more diverse network in the field.


For example, when I post questions, I may get a response from the experts and join groups to engage and exchange information and skills. I am sure that by building my LinkedIn page, I have more opportunities to connect with recruiters, influencers and experts in the industry who inspire me and trigger my passion. I would also get to know what is trending and industry hot topics to update my knowledge proactively.