» Author: Phuong Nguyen
» Published: March 26, 2019

To build and extend my network, attending events and conference definitely help me to reach my target connections. I believe that succeeding in business is all about making connections that could help me in both the short and long run.

To maximize my opportunities, a cold call might be tough to do, but attending the industry’s events and conference appears to be more natural and I also learn something anyway. I love participating in events so that I could update my knowledge and skills as well as increase my exposure in the field. By watching for industry events and attend often, I try to determine who else will be attending and seeking out the people I aim to meet at the events or conference.


Back to the first impression, I must use my elevator pitch to positively impress the senior people or experts in the industry. It is also necessary to inform the industry to know that I am attending these events by mentioning and discussing them socially and positively. Taking photos and posting professional comments on social media regarding the events are important to gain more exposure to my social profile.


Having mentioned a social profile, it must be relevant and updated frequently with great content, attractive visuals, active engagement and responsive with my contacts to keep it alive. This is also a great way to improve my online reputation and professional public figure.