Mini USA

Road Trip & Charity Campaign

Print Production, Visual System

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

Art Director
Keith Cartwright

Creative Director
Chris Toffoli, Mark Krajan, Sinan Dagli

Copy Writer
Nick Zacher

Phuong Nguyen

MINI USA is proud to support Feeding America® in the fight to end hunger. As MINI drivers rally across the country to help raise money, food and awareness for this worthwhile cause.

MINI drivers rallied from Atlanta to Palm Springs. In total, MINI drivers visited 18 states over 4,397 miles and went Track-to-Track. Every $1 they raise will provide 11 meals to the 48 million people in the U.S. struggling with hunger.

All Mini Takes The States (MTTS) badges were inspired by road signs that could set the tone to this exciting road trip across the country. Owners are encouraged to create their own fundraising pages through Feeding America® and receive badges based on how much is raised. As owners continue to reach donation milestones, they will collect additional badges.


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