Nature Made Gummies Campaign

» Project: Nature Made Gummies w/ USP
» Categories: Digital Media
» Team Members: Tom Coates, Maria Lee, Caitlin Bricker, Erin Ridgeway, DK Wright, Phuong Nguyen, Joseph Piro. 
» My Role: Developing website and digital banners directed by Maria. Creating promotional Facebook posts. Directing Joseph–a media developer for production.

» Intro: Gummies are a recent entry in the dietary supplement category, providing additional options to meet your dietary supplement needs. Many choose gummies for their dietary supplement needs because they are chewable and often tastier, making them a more convenient solution for kids as well as some adults.

United States Pharmacopeia (USP) has led efforts to develop tests to ensure the quality of this innovative and popular delivery form. Nature Made Gummies Vitamins products are honored to be one of the best products are certified by USP.

Consumers haven't known what other products on market support their health, but gummies will best fit your supplement needs for tastier nutrition because they can expect what exactly in Nature Made Gummies by the USP Verified seal on the products' label.

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