Personal Project

Branding, Visual Identity

ChocoCha is a hypothetical chocolatier brand bringing rich and complex chocolate bars that have a perfect concentration combination of chocolate and green tea.

To make ChocoCha bars remarkable, the potential here was for a heart-healthy chocolate confection that contained a high level of cacao with L-theanine that would be good for your heart and balance blood pressure.

Logotype element was mainly inspired by a tea leaf blended into the letter C to create a wordmark. Three tones of green were used to represent three types of chocolate with different levels of cocoa concentrations, and dark green with the use of gold accent would be the main color theme of this chocolatier expressing the richness of chocolate and green tea combination. The pattern showcased the merge of cocoa beans and tea leaves and was applied on package design as a subtle background.

Staying true to this combination, ChocoCha hoped to deliver the high-quality experience of blending varying combinations of cocoa and matcha powder and give a true appreciation of the cross-cutural art of chocolate.


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